Referring pet insurance to your customers


The joy of owning a pet can be easily overshadowed when they get sick or injured. When this happens hard financial decisions need to be made that can be distressing for all parties involved. As a vet, helping and saving animals is what you do, which can be difficult to justify at the other end financially to the pet owner.

Having the right conversation with a pet owner can be hard when discussing pet insurance. The key thing you need to remember when having a discussion with a pet owner, is that you can’t recommend or provide an opinion based on the their individual circumstances, but instead need to refer them to a pet insurance provider.

The best way to do so, is through an introductory question such as ‘Can I ask, have you thought about Pet Insurance?’ or ‘Pet Insurance can help cover the larger unexpected vet bills’.

Remember, it is important that you do not say you ‘recommend’ or ‘I think’ when referring a customer to a pet insurance provide. Once you have mentioned pet insurance, you can then bring up some of the features and benefits.

If the pet owner wants to learn more, you can hand them one of the pet insurance brochures and tell them to go to the website where they can get a quote or purchase online. By encouraging them to go online to find out more, you’re letting the pet insurance provider do the heavy lifting while making sure to stay impartial to the buying decision of your customer.

You don’t have to answer specific cover questions if the pet owners ask them. Instead, refer them to the website or phone number of the pet insurance provider.

When discussing pet insurance, make sure you don’t do any of the following:

  • Make a specific statement about cover like ‘pet insurance can cover all your bills’ or ‘the treatment we are giving your pet will definitely be covered by pet insurance’.
  • Make pet insurance mandatory by saying ‘You should/must have pet insurance for your pet’, or ‘we don’t treat anyone without pet insurance.’
  • State an opinion or make a comparison like ‘This company has the best policy. I wouldn’t insure anywhere else’ or ‘This company is better than any or all other products on the market.’

If in doubt, simply hand the pet owner a brochure and tell them to check out the website for more information.


Vets Choice insurance for pets

Vets Choice insurance for pets is endorsed by the AVA and backed by a 20-year partnership with Guild Insurance. Our aim is to promote responsible pet ownership and increase the percentage of Australian pets who are protected by insurance to make sure more treatments are able to be provided to pets in need.

Independent of all other pet insurance companies currently in the market, and the only insurer endorsed by the AVA, Vets Choice understands that pets weren’t chosen for their good sense, predictability and rational thinking, they were chosen for their companionship, silliness and loving nature. We don’t want your pet to change, we just want to protect them as they are.

We’re the sensible choice so they don’t have to be, with features and benefits like:

  • Accidents and specified illness cover
  • Cover for life while insured by us
  • No co-insurance when making a claim
  • Pre-approval for scheduled treatments
  • Third-party liability cover
  • No claims bonus and multi-pet discount

You can get onboard with Vets Choice today by becoming a referral partner. To learn more, visit the website, call 1800 999 738, or click here to sign up to become a referral partner today!


Vets Choice pet insurance

Endorsed by the AVA and powered by Guild Insurance.