SCGV Events

SCGV Events

The SCGV aims to run at least one annual conference to provide continuing education opportunities for members.

In earlier years, ASV always ran its conference program at the national AVA Conference. In 2006 ASV began to run sheep special interest group conferences separate from the AVA national conference and continues periodically (approx. every two years) SCGV runs a special interest group event.

Every year the SCGV contributes to the AVA National Conference scientific streams.

In 2018 the SCGV are partnering with the two other special interest groups - the ASAV and AVBIG for a combined conference in Melbourne in August.  For further details please click here: 



SCGV members can access all past proceedings papers from the AVA VetEd Library.  

SCGV members can also access papers from the AVA Annual Conference via the AVA VetEd Library, and recent annual conference papers (2016 and 2017) are available as direct links for your convenience on the SCGV member page.



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