Student insurance

Once a student pays to become an AVA student member, they become insured with Guild Insurance with two of their master policies. Online student members aren’t covered by the policies unless they upgrade to paying membership.

AVA Insurance Master Policy covers for:

  • Professional Indemnity -  up to $10million for any one claim and $10million in total for all professional indemnity claims, (Covers Breach Of Professional Duty)
  • Public Liability - $10million for any one claim and $10million in total for all public liability claims, (Covers Bodily Injury or Property Damage)
  • Goods Sold and Advice - $10million for any one claim and $10million in total for all goods sold and advice claims. (Products Liability Cover)
  • Injury to Animals - $250,000 for any one claim and $250,000 in total for all Injury to Animals claims.

It doesn’t provide cover for:

Clinical trials or clinical research – there is no cover for any claim arising from your participation in any clinical trial or clinical research.

  • Dishonesty – claims arising from any fraudulent, criminal or malicious acts on your part.
  • Copyright – claims arising from a breach of copyright or trademark or plagiarism.
  • Intoxicants/Under the influence – claims arising from any act, error or omission of yours whilst you were under the influence of intoxicants or drugs.
  • Related parties – claims made against you by any entity also covered under this policy.
  • Non Supervision by a qualified practitioner – claims made against you arising from veterinary work performed by you whilst you were not under the supervision of a registered practitioner.
  • Personal Accident Insurance – there is no cover against loss of income or coverage of medical costs resulting from an injury
  • Workers Compensation Insurance – Is a compulsory/legislated insurance that employers must cover employees for work related injuries. It provides income replacement and coverage of medical costs to eligible workers (employees)

AVA Student Members: Personal Accident/Injury Insurance & Workers Compensation Insurance– Under Instruction of University/RTO for Placement/Volunteer Work

AVA Student Members should check with their University/RTO if Personal Accident/Injury or Workers Compensation Insurance is covered under the University/RTO Insurance Program. This will be important for any placement/volunteer work outside the University/RTO Campus.

AVA Student/New Graduate Members: Personal Accident/Injury & Workers Compensation Insurance– Outside the Instruction of University/RTO for Placement/Volunteer work

Placement/Volunteer Work (Unpaid) – Workers Compensation Insurance will not cover Placement/Volunteer Work (Unpaid) (e.g – If performing unpaid volunteer work at local Vet Practice). AVA Student/New Graduate Members should check with the Vet Practice owner has Voluntary Workers/Personal Accident cover as part of their Vet Practice Business Insurance. Guild Insurance does provide Voluntary/Personal Accident Insurance cover as part of Veterinarians Business Insurance.  

Placement/Volunteer Work (Paid) – Workers Compensation Insurance will usually cover Placement/Volunteer Work if being paid a nominal amount. (e.g $50 a day). AVA Student/New Graduate Members should always check with Vet Practice Owners that Workers Compensation Insurance will cover their Placement/Volunteer Work if being paid.

AVA Student/New Graduate Members: Private Health Insurance (PHI)

AVA Student/New Graduate Members should also check their current PHI policy or enquire about taking PHI regarding their personal health care outside the current Medicare system.

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