Veterinary Volunteer Initiative


Are you interested in supporting the next generation of vets?

The initiative is for students who are seeking exposure to clinical cases and building skills through online communication.  It is an aide to building their clinical competencies and engagement with the clinical environment.

Due to restrictions for practical and face-to-face learning, students across the nation have requested the AVA’s assistance in recruiting veterinarians like you who are happy to volunteer their time.

We plan for this initiative to go for as long as possible under current circumstances (COVID-19), however if you feel like this initiative has been beneficial, we encourage you continue your relationship with the veterinarians post-COVID-19 restrictions. 

How can you assist students within this initative?

  • Through the discussion of cases
  • Assist them with cases and queries related to your field of interest
  • Allowing the student to attend (online) clinical rounds.

What are the guidelines for students?

We have provided the guidelines below so you as a volunteer vet are aware of what to expect from students. 

  1. Please understand that these vets are dedicating their time to assist you. The best form of gratitude is to commit to punctuality with online meeting times and to remain engaged in discussion.
  2. At the vet’s discretion they may arrange to speak to one or multiple students at an allotted time. Please allow time for fellow students to ask questions and be mindful of online etiquette.
  3. Vets may be limited in how many students they can assist during certain periods of time, so please seek to arrange blocks of time later to discuss cases with them.
  4. Most importantly, remember to have fun during this wonderful opportunity!

I'd like to register as a volunteer vet

Only currently registered veterinarians in Australia will be considered for the initiative.