Small herbivore dentistry workshop

Dr. Vittorio Capello


Venue: Rydges on Swanston, Panorama Room
Date: Saturday 30th November, morning and afternoon sessions available.

Small herbivore dentistry is a skill to be possessed and mastered by any who see these patients through their clinic door. Having the right tools for the job ensures maximised outcomes for the patient and will give you enhance satisfaction. Thanks to IM3, ProVet and Karl Storz, you will get the opportunity to learn from the best, Dr Vittorio Capello, about small herbivore dentistry.

The workshop focuses on the use of dental instruments and standard dental procedures (coronal reduction, extraction) in small herbivores, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. It introduces participants to the most common dental procedures performed in small pet herbivores. Vittorio will guide you through instrumentation and the positioning required to diagnose and treat intraoral conditions. Karl Storz has provided endoscopy equipment for the workshops, to enable oral endoscopy to help visualise and capture the full extent of the oral cavity and any disease associated. Engage in occlusal adjustment procedures of the cheek teeth, using abrasive burs on low speed straight dental handpieces, kindly supplied by IM3. You will be coached through the extraction of incisors and cheek teeth, from a man who literally wrote the textbook, on small herbivore dentistry. Representatives from the companies sponsoring this workshop will be present to assist in the learning process and answer any questions about their equipment.


UPAV Members: $500 per workshop
AVA Member: $550 per workshop
Non-member: $1100 per workshop
Capacity is 20 delegates per workshop

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