About the VBG Summit

About the Summit

The VBG Summit is the feature event of the veterinary business calendar for the year.

The 2019 VBG Summit will draw industry-wide attention with a stellar line up of new and loved keynote speakers and well-known public figures from outside our industry. It brings together the key decision makers of veterinary businesses within Australia, providing powerful insights into key matters influencing business today and the emerging trends that will impact the future of the industry itself.

Our sector is changing, there is absolutely no denying it. To be successful business leaders in an everchanging environment, we need to understand the changes that are occurring, the risks over the horizon and have the tools and the collective will to shape tomorrows veterinary business environment for the better.

Some of the sessions this year include topics on:

  • Operational planning
  • Financial reporting and metrics
  • Risks in veterinary business
  • How to automate your business
  • Changes in human resources

About the Veterinary Business Group

The Veterinary Business Group (VBG) is a group of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), catering for every veterinary professional who works within veterinary business. The VBG is an expansive network of all the veterinary business stakeholders with a vision to form a strong business community fit for today and the future.

Throughout the year, the VBG provides hands-on practical continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for members. The CPD provided promotes practical business skills and insights as well as the larger perspective needed to make a truly successful business or career over the long term.

The VBG also has a collection of resources available on the AVA website, designed to give you the tools you need for your business to function at its peak on topics such as human resources, management and more.

For more information about the VBG and the AVA, visit ava.com.au