VetEd approval for CPD events

If you're running a continuing professional development (CPD) activity or event for veterinarians, you can apply for VetEd approval from the AVA. There are several reasons why having VetEd approval is a good idea.

VetEd approval includes:

  • evaluation and approval of your CPD program by the AVA National Education Team
  • permission to use the AVA VetEd logo on your advertising materials and to promote how many VetEd points AVA members can earn by attending your event
  • inclusion on the online AVA VetEd calendar or page*
  • submitted points will be directly added to AVA members' CPD statements
  • ongoing recognition as a CPD provider on AVA members' CPD statements
  • points from VetEd-approved events that are added to AVA members' CPD statements are accepted by veterinary practitioners boards without further certification.

*Any marketing material submitted for inclusion on the AVA VetEd calendar is subject to approval prior to publishing. AVA reserves the right to refuse material that is considered inappropriate or inconsistent with the original application approval. 

How to apply to have your CPD program reviewed for VetEd points

NOTE: If you do not have a login to the AVA website, go to 'Create new account' at the top of the page.

Processing time is approximately 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the application. Programs cannot be reviewed or approved retrospectively and therefore it is recommended that providers apply at least 3 weeks in advance to ensure the review process can be completed and any potential issues addressed before the program starts.

VetEd approval is annual and is on a calendar-year basis; applications for renewal should also be submitted online and marked 'repeat' in the name of activity or program field.

VetEd-approved activities or events can be repeated at different venues and/or on different dates, within the one-year approval period from the original approval date, provided the topic, presenter(s) and method of delivery remain the same.

VetEd approval application fees

Annual fee based on calendar year

  one off activity (this activity will only be conducted once) 2-3 dates (the activity will run on 2 or 3 occasions) more than 3 dates (the activity will be run on more than 3 occasions) 12 month subscription (can be run unlimited times over a 12 month period from date of approval)
up to 2 hours 200 250 300 450
one day activity (2-8 hours) 400 450 500 650
multiple days activity 550 600 650 800
all prices are excluding GST

What events are eligible for VetEd points?

To ensure that certain minimum standards are met, the AVA has guidelines for CPD providers who want their educational activities recognised for AVA VetEd points.

All educational activities which are relevant to the scope of the veterinary profession and help to maintain and develop knowledge, technical skills or professional performance standards will be considered for review.

VetEd points are not awarded for commercially sponsored events that are intended for the purpose of promoting a specific drug, product or service, or are primarily promotional in nature (e.g. product launches).

Applications for events which clash with the time of similar AVA events or are in competition with similar AVA events will not be approved.

The provider shall disclose any relationships there may exist with the speaker(s) that may cause potential conflicts of interest.

Program content

Each application must include:

  • a detailed program agenda outlining topic, speaker/presenter name and duration of each session (draft promotional materials e.g. event flyers, can be attached to your application if these include a detailed agenda)
  • clearly identified any hands-on practical sessions
  • for distance education and self-study programs, the program outline, a description of learning materials and a brief explanation of how the study time has been determined
  • clearly identified program content that is intended for the purpose of promoting a specific drug, product or service. Time devoted to promotional content is not eligible for VetEd points.

The Education team may request actual CPD materials or content (e.g. proceedings or presentation slides) when reviewing applications for approval. These materials are for the reviewing committee use only and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Presenter / speaker qualifications

Presenters for clinical topics should have a degree in veterinary science, as well as have advanced expertise in the topic being addressed. Expertise may be based on further education/training, further qualifications, clinical experience or specialist knowledge of the subject.

Presenters for non-clinical and non-scientific topics (e.g. practice management) should be presented by individuals who can provide evidence of sufficient education and special knowledge in the topic being addressed. 

Monitoring and reporting attendance

For distance or online CPD, a brief explanation of how the attendance is going to be monitored and how participants are going to be assessed should be provided.

An attendance list template will be provided by AVA upon VetEd approval. The Provider is responsible for filling in the template correctly and submitting it via email to the VetEd team ( within 2 weeks of completion of the program or as otherwise agreed with the AVA. For online programs that are continuously available, a monthly attendance report may be suitable and this will be discussed with the provider at the time of approval.

All CPD providers must provide a Certificate of Attendance/Achievement to all registrants, including:

  • name of participant
  • name, method of delivery and date of CPD program
  • main speaker / presenter(s) name(s)
  • provider name
  • AVA VetEd logo and number of VetEd points allocated.

For more information, please contact the Education Coordinator at

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