CPD at work

You can continue your professional development through less formal methods of learning. We suggest keeping a CPD diary to formalise self-validating CPD, to use as evidence of your activities for registration purposes.

For more information about how to earn VetEd points, see the VetEd points table.

Small group learning and clinical rounds

Small group learning activities are any documented discussions between professional colleagues where the participants further their professional knowledge. Discussions could be about formal case presentations, clinical or surgical rounds or writing journal articles. Meetings where colleagues share what they have learnt from relevant conferences, courses, seminars or workshops are also seen as small group learning activities.

Claim Vet Ed points for Small group learning and clinical rounds

Professional development plan

Earn Vet Ed points by creating a professional development plan, with our step by step online tool to help you set your professional goals and document the development activities you would like to take over the next year.

The plan should include which areas you will focus on to improve your knowledge and experience, and how the proposed activities would further your career and professional development.

You can save a copy of the details by emailing it to yourself, then submit the points for a professional development plan

Clinical review project

Documented research and clinical audit activities are a recognised form of professional development. A clinical review project could involve:

  • identifying a clinical condition that you see in your practice
  • searching practice records for retrospective cases of the condition
  • assessing and documenting patient histories
  • clinical examinations
  • diagnostic methods, treatments and outcomes
  • assessing outcomes against recommended best practice.

How the research will change future approaches to the condition and what has been learned contribute to the points earned. A prospective case study may also be undertaken. Outstanding submitted reviews will be considered for publication in the VetEd section of the Australian Veterinary Journal, which can earn additional VetEd points.

Claim points for a clinical review project

AVA Mentor Program

Mentoring provides a structured and trusting relationship by bringing less experienced veterinarians together with more experienced members of the profession, who can offer guidance, support and encouragement. Mentoring relationships can be formal or informal depending on the needs and wants of the mentor and mentee.

The AVA Graduate Mentor Program is a structured 12 month commitment between an established professional and someone who is new to the veterinary profession. The AVA Program Guide provides information about the program, when and how to apply.

Mentors and mentees can earn unstructured VetEd points. For more information about how the points are allocated, see the VetEd points table.

Mentors and mentees can earn structured VetEd points when undertaking formal training through the AVA Graduate Mentor Program.

Claim points for mentoring activities

VetEd retrain and refresh program

The AVA has developed a practical, self-managed retrain and refresh program for veterinarians returning to work after an extended period of leave.

The retrain and refesh program is designed to be used while volunteering in a veterinary practice and being mentored by a resident veterinarian in key competencies. The completed program qualifies for unstructured VetEd points.

To validate the time spent in training for VetEd purposes, the practice must:

  • have at least one practice principal who is an AVA member
  • provide a supervisor with at least five years or more clinical experience in the field of retraining
  • provide a designated supervisor who has undertaken continuing professional development activities within the past three years.

The trainer can also claim one point for every two hours of training, up to a maximum of 40 points.

The program can be completed here. You will need to complete and submit the three pages of the form at once, the website does not save your progress so we recommend you complete the forms online at the end of your training and print each page as a guide to work through with your trainer. 

Claim points for the VetEd retrain and refresh program


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