There are several common points in a veterinarian’s life career when stress can get out of hand. When more than one of these occur at the same time, extra care needs to be taken to stay healthy and avoid consequences such as depression and anxiety disorders.


Being a new graduate

New graduates are often faced with a new environment, new colleagues, new boss, having to take responsibility for cases and work, setting up a new home, and maintaining contact with family and friends. In some cases, employers may have unrealistic expectations and dealing with clients can increase stress.

Major financial issues

The impact of managing financial commitments like a mortgage, raising children and paying for further education is often underestimated. For example, the number one antecedent to financial failure in veterinary practice is partnership disputes.

Career, employment or life change

The stress of major life changes is well known - changing career direction, , a new baby or divorce are common ones.

Coping with day-to-day change in the workplace

Changes in the workplace can be challenging to deal with for everyone, including veterinarians. Some common difficulties include changes in personnel, management, technology, legislation, new products, and client expectations.

Any traumatic life experience

Accident, injury, illness, death of a family member, marital issues such as separation, divorce, and relationship or family problems can all lead to emotional trauma. In the professional arena, jobs or business partnerships that doesn’t work out, unexpected or upsetting case outcomes, and litigation can result in traumatic emotional responses.

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