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Advertise in the Australian Veterinary Journal and on the website

The AVJ helps advertisers reach the largest group of veterinarians in the region and provides a captive niche market of veterinary surgeons and other key staff who manage veterinary practices. Each issue of the print version is sent to over 5,000 members.

The AVJ is Australia's leading veterinary journal, and is the perfect way for you to reach members of the AVA. Surveys show that the classified ad section is one of the first sections that vets look at.

We publish 11 issues each year including a combined January/February issue. The AVJ is distributed at the beginning of each month.

Member discount

AVA members are entitled to a 50% discount off the classified advertising rate.

If an ad is submitted on behalf of a practice, the discount will apply only if all practice principals are members. Employed AVA members are not entitled to the discount if the ad is submitted on behalf of their employer who is not a member.

Rates for classified advertising in 2017 (exclusive of GST)

Size AVJ word limit Website word limit Print in AVJ plus free online Online only
57 x 50 mm
35 words or less 90 words or less $400 $200
57 x 112 mm
75 words or less 91-120 words $560 $280
Third-page square
118 x 112 mm
170 words or less 121-220 words $930 $465
Third-page vertical
57 x 228 mm
170 words or less 221-300 words $1,000 $500
Half-page horizontal
180 x 112 mm
200 words or less 301-450 words $1,150 $575
Full page
180 x 228 mm
400 words or less Full page $2,050 $1,025

The AVA will be launching an exciting new website in 2018. Please be aware that advertising rates are subject to change.

If the ad is to appear in multiple AVJs, you will be charged for each issue.

For website-only ads, we are currently running a promotion that you only need to pay for one issue and the ad will remain live for as long as required.

Size of ads

Sixth page 57 mm (W) x 112 mm (H) 
Third page square 118 mm (W) x 112 mm (H)
Third page vertical 57 mm (W) x 228 mm (H)
Half page horizontal 180 mm (W) x 112 mm (H)
Full page 180 mm (W) x 228 mm (H)

Booking deadlines

The deadlines for advertising in the Australian Veterinary Journal in 2018 are below.  

January / February issue  7 December
March issue 14 February
April issue 14 March
May issue 11 April
June issue 9 May
July issue  13 June  
August issue 11 July
September issue 15 August
October issue 12 September
November issue 10 October
December issue 14 November

Minimum salaries

All positions vacant must include a salary no less than, or a clear indication that the package being offered includes a salary of no less than, those set out in the appropriate Award.

For further information about the appropriate Award, contact the AVA HR Advisory Service on 1300 788 977 (AVA Members only).


Advertisements are accepted for publication on condition that the advertiser indemnifies the Australian Veterinary Association, the publisher and their staff responsible for all actions, suits, claims, loss and/or damages resulting from anything published on behalf of the advertiser.

Classifieds contact

Email: Phone: 02 9431 5000


Job advertisements

Visit to easily create and publish your job vacancy in front of veterinary professionals.

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