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Vets Choice has launched! Vets Choice has been developed to address the concerns of both pet owners and vets.

This is a product of Guild Insurance, endorsed by the AVA, that has been built to promote responsible pet ownership. When your patients are insured with Vets Choice, they receive a range of features and benefits.

Specified cover

The product on offer from Vets Choice is Accident & Emergency plus Defined Illness. With our specified accident and illness cover offering 100% transparency on what your patient is covered for and what they are not.

Cover for life

Peace of mind knowing pets are protected for all the adventures while they’re with Vets Choice.

No co-insurance when making a claim

No unexpected financial costs outside of the agreed excess and policy limits, helping keep the pet owner financially in control.

What is co-insurance? Co-insurance is a variable cost payable by the customer when they lodge a claim, where the policy denotes that there are effectively two insurers involved in the claims settlement process, the pet insurer and the pet owner, who then split the payout by a percentage. Here at Vets Choice, we don’t have co-insurance, meaning your clients get 100% of vet fees back after they pay the excess subject to any applicable limits.


Pre-approval for scheduled procedures and treatments helps avoid the surprise of any unexpected fees.

Third-party liability cover

Our policy includes a limit of $100,000 for third-party liability cover, financially protecting pet owners against any personal injury or property claims brought against them as a result of damage caused by their pet.

No claims bonus

Pet owner receives a no claims bonus of 5% after their first year insured with Vets Choice.

Multi-pet discount

Pet owners receive a multi-pet discount of 5% if they insure two or more of their pets with us.

Charitable Donations

Every policy sold contributes a percentage to both the Veterinary Benevolent Fund and a local animal shelter.

Making a claim

Online claims process means your customers can make a claim easily by visiting vetschoice.net.au or calling 1800 999 738.

To become a referring partner for Vets Choice contact vetschoice@guildinsurance.com.au.


The WHY and HOW of Vets Choice (Webinar)

Vets Choice pet insurance

Endorsed by the AVA and powered by Guild Insurance.

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