Vets Choice insurance for pets

Pet insurance product endorsed by the AVA and powered by Guild Insurance.

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Vets Choice was designed with direct input from members of the AVA and the veterinary profession, helping to shape Vets Choice’s policies to truly help both pets and vets.

Vets Choice proudly provides a range of features and benefits for Australian pets, with every policy sold contributing directly to the Vets Benevolent Fund and local animal shelters.

Vets Choice has made it their mission to help increase the number of Australian pets protected by insurance, making it easier for Australian vets to provide the treatment and care pets deserve.

Vets Choice is 100% Australian owned and operated, working to be the sensible option for when pets aren’t. Click the links below to find out more about Vets Choice insurance for pets today.

Proudly partnering with Vets Choice insurance for pets

Vets Choice insurance for pets was born out of a 20-year partnership with AVA and Guild Insurance. In 2019, Guild and the AVA extended that partnership and in a joint effort, worked to bring Vets Choice to life.

Together, we work to promote responsible pet ownership and increase the percentage of Australian pets protected by insurance.

Vets Choice insurance for pets is independent of all other pet insurance companies currently on the market, and the only pet insurance endorsed by the AVA.

Vets Choice understands that pets weren’t chosen for their good sense, predictability and rational thinking. They were chosen for their companionship, silliness and loving nature. Vets Choice doesn’t want your patients to change, they just want to protect them as they are.

Join us, and work with Vets Choice insurance for pets to help more pets get the care they deserve by becoming a Vets Choice partner.

Vets Choice options & cover for your clients

Created to promote responsible pet ownership, and developed with the concerns of pet owners and vets in mind.

Vets Choice ‘Rookie’: free 28-day policy for puppies & kittens

A free 28-day policy available exclusively through partner vets for puppies and kittens between eight weeks and six months old.