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Vets Choice insurance for pets was created to promote responsible pet ownership, and developed with the concerns of pet owners and vets in mind.

Pet owners can choose from:

Vets Choice Pro – Vets Choice pro pet insurance includes cover for accidents and specified illness. This cover includes cover for major diseases such as cancer, tick paralysis and cruciate ligaments, as well as a specified list of illnesses.

Vets Choice Elite – Vets Choice elite pet insurance includes all the same cover as Vets Choice Pro, plus the investigation, diagnosis and treatment costs of chronic conditions such as Epilepsy, Arthritis and Diabetes.

On top of the main policy, pet owners can also choose to add on:

DentalCover for dental accidents and illnesses for dogs and cats

Dental Plus – Cover for routine dental care. Dental Plus is an extension of the Dental add-on and cannot be purchased on its own.

Not only will your patients benefit from choosing the level of cover, and dental add-ons, that suit their pet's needs, but with each policy they will receive:

  • No gap payments - No unexpected financial costs outside of the agreed upon excess and policy limits, keeping the pet owner financially in control.
  • Cover for life - Peace of mind knowing pets are protected in all their adventures while they’re with Vets Choice. No age limits on pet insurance if already with Vets Choice before the age of nine.
  • Pre-approvalPet insurance with pre-approval for scheduled procedures and treatments helps avoid the surprise of any unexpected fees.
  • Third-party liability cover - Our policy includes third-party liability cover as part of your pet insurance, this is standard for all Vets Choice pet insurance policies. This cover protects pet owners against any personal injury or property claims brought against them as a result of damage caused by their pet.
  • No claims bonus - Pet owners receive a no claims bonus after their first year insured with Vets Choice.
  • Multi-pet discount - Pet owners receive a multi-pet discount on their pet insurance if they insure two or more of their pets with us.
  • Charitable Donations - Every policy sold contributes to both the Vets Benevolent Fund and a local animal shelter.
What are gap payments?

Gap payments (also known as co-insurance) are a variable cost payable by the customer when they lodge a claim. Policies that have gap payments acknowledge that there are effectively two insurers involved in the claims settlement process, the pet insurer and the pet owner, who then split the payout by a percentage.

Vets Choice only offers pet insurance with NO gap payments. This means your patients get 100% of vet fees back after paying their chosen excess.

Making a claim

Making a claim is easy with online claims process. Your customers can make a claim by visiting or calling 1800 999 738.

To become a partner vet for Vets Choice, visit our Vets Choice partner page or contact

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