Vets Choice ‘Rookie’: free 28-day policy for puppies & kittens


Vets Choice Rookie is a free 28-day policy available exclusively through partner vets for puppies and kittens between eight weeks and six months old. Designed for the young ones, this free cover is packed full of features such as:

  • One day waiting period for accidents
  • Two day waiting period for illnesses
  • No commitment to continue after 28 days
  • Third-party liability cover
  • Aggregate limit of $4,000 per policy period

The Vets Choice Rookie policy covers the same specified illnesses listed under our Vets Choice Pro policy, minus cruciate ligament conditions.

How do my clients sign up for Vets Choice Rookie?

The best time to sign up pets between the age of eight weeks and six months for a Vets Choice Rookie policy is during their first check-in appointment.

During this appointment, offer them the chance to complete the Rookie form to get a free 28-day policy.

If they’re interested, you or a member of your practice team can enrol them via an online form. The form is intuitive to complete, and all that is required is the pet and owner details, and confirmation of the pets’ well-being.

The form is submitted online, and we do the rest. We will send the customer their policy documents via email.

What happens after 28 days?

Before the policy ends, a member of the Vets Choice team will contact the pet owner to discuss how their new pet is going, and discuss the options available to them to ensure their pet stays protected.

There is no obligation to upgrade, so if the pet owner chooses not to, the cover simply expires.

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