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Vet TV is a series of unique news and current affairs-style short films about the veterinary profession, produced in collaboration with Association Media.

Films cover a range of topics affecting all areas of the profession. Vet TV looks at medical advancements, new business models and changes in pet ownership that have had a significant effect on the nature of the veterinary profession. There’s also a look at the important role of mentoring in the profession, what the future holds for Australia’s current veterinary students and the veterinarian’s role in protecting public health. These are just some of the issues that Vet TV aims to shed some light on.

AVA Films

Watch the below to understand the AVA's vision and listen to thought leaders talk about key issues.

The changing veterinary landscape


The veterinary landscape has experienced enormous change in the past 10 years with trends like technology and corporatisation affecting the veterinary profession. AVA CEO, Graham Catt, discusses the veterinary landscape today and what the future might look like for the profession in Australia.

The fight against antimicrobial resistance


Antimicrobial resistance is a global concern and the veterinary profession has a responsibility to work alongside human health professions to fight antibiotic resistance at every opportunity. Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Mark Schipp, talks about antibiotic resistance and the importance of human health professionals and veterinary experts working together to address antibiotic resistance and prevent disease.

Protecting public health


From Hendra virus to Q fever, there are a range of diseases that can pass from animals to humans and have serious consequences to human health. Veterinarians work on the frontline to identify and respond to disease outbreaks and are vital in protecting the community from zoonotic diseases.

Equine medicine


Much like the role of a team sports doctor, equine veterinarians are on the ground to care for the athletes – the horses. Every day, equine veterinarians work to ensure horses remain healthy, live longer and perform at their best. Vet TV takes a look at the role of equine veterinarians and how technology has revolutionised the way they diagnose and treat horse health issues.

Where a veterinary science degree can take you


Veterinarians work in a range of fields from research, government and biosecurity to veterinary practice. Former AVA President, Robert Johnson, talks about the many career opportunities available to veterinarians today, the roles they play in the community and some of the challenges of being a veterinarian.

Veterinary education


Every year, the AVA Annual Conference attracts local and international experts in their fields who share what’s new in veterinary medicine. Vet TV went behind the scenes at the 2017 AVA Annual Conference to speak with some of the speakers and delegates.

What’s going on in veterinary science?


Veterinary science is constantly changing with new research, diagnostic techniques and treatments always emerging. The AVA’s plans in the digital space will transform the way veterinarians and the wider community engage with the AVA online and how they discover what’s new in veterinary science.



You’re never too old to be or have a mentor. The AVA’s mentoring program continues to expand as young veterinarians increasingly see the value in having someone who they can turn to for career advice and professional support. 

Australia’s future veterinarians


What’s in store for Australia’s next generations of veterinarians? Veterinary science students at the University of Sydney explain what it is that excites them about the profession. Experienced veterinarians discuss some of the initial challenges for first year graduates and share their tips on how to enjoy a long and happy veterinary career.

Vet TV Full Program

You can watch the full length version of Vet TV which is a mix of AVA and brand-inspired content. You can also watch one of the films below which may be relevant to your area of interest.




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