2017 WA Conference

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Sponsors and Exhibitors

The AVA WA State Conference is now the largest continuing education and social event in WA. It is the best attended divisional conference in Australia. The Trade Fair allows access to over 400 attendees each year giving exhibitors the opportunity access a significant portion of their market at one event. 

Here's why you should get involved with the AVA WA State Conference 2018: 

  • Access to the decision makers – delegates at the conference will include WA’s leading professionals in their fields.
  • Gain direct access to veterinarians who will be happy to give you feedback and suggestions from a clinician’s perspective. This represents a valuable one on one market research opportunity.
  • Demonstrate new equipment or to promote new drugs, services and techniques, particularly if you alert members prior to the conference. 
  • Showcase your products and services to your target audience in a captive environment. 
  • Attendees at the AVA WA State Conference 2018 will be keen to learn and receptive to new ideas.
  • Attendance at the conference shows your continuing commitment to the veterinary market.

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View the sponsorship and exhibition proposal


Already an exhibitor?

Here is what you need so that you can make all the necessary preparations for conference: 

  1. AVA WA Exhibitor Pack - includes a floor plan 
  2. 2018 Advans Exhibitor Kit - for fascia board and furniture orders 
  3. 2018 Advans furniture catalog​
  4. Click here to register your additional trade representatives and purchase extra dinner tickets
  5. Parking map of Crown Perth
  6. Parking fees at Crown Perth

Please note that this year, we will be registering exhibitor packages for you - which includes the representatives and dinner guests who are included in your booth package. You will receive a confirmation when this occurs. 

Additional trade representatives and dinner tickets can be purchased online via our exhibitor portal. 

Exhibitor events

All exhibitors are invited to attend the following events: 

  • Trade briefing at AVA House, Tuesday date TBC, 3.30pm
    • This important information session will update you about this year’s procedures, bump in and bump out information, deliveries, ordering of fascia boards and any extra furniture for your stand, what’s new from last year and venue information.  Even if you have been to these meetings before you will benefit from attending again, so that you understand the changes for this year and have the chance to ask any questions.   Presentations will be made by AVA, Advans and Crown Perth.
  • Bump in. Friday, 19 October, bump in in afternoon
    • More details about the bump-in coming soon. Please note that all booths must be set up by 5pm, ready for the Student Sneak Peek session at 5.30pm. 
  • Champagne welcome with AVA President, Dr Paula Parker, Friday, 19 October, 4pm
    • ​​Relax before the rush of the Trade Fair and attend this informal catch up to discuss how AVA and industry can continue to enjoy a good working relationship. Paula will also be keen to hear any feedback you have about the AVA or your experience with conference. Please check back for confirmation of the venue of this event. Please RSVP by Wednesday, 17 October.
  • General FAQs

    • How many people will be attending conference?
      • We expect up to 500 people at the Trade Fair on Friday night.
    • Are there any special rates on accommodation?
      • Yes, the Crown Perth has set up special rates for conference delegates and trade representatives. You can book your room via this link


  • Trade Fair and Exhibition

    • What time is bump in for the Trade Fair?
      • Bump in is occurring during the afternoon on Friday, 19 October at 12pm
    • What time is bump out for the Trade Fair?
      • Bump out is at 1.30pm on Saturday, 20 October.
    • Who do I contact with regards to my fascia board or acquiring extra stand furniture?
      • Advans WA are responsible for all stand furniture, including electrical supplies. You can contact Don Ainsworth at 9451 8322 or via email. We will also give Advans the contact details of all exhibitors so that they can contact you regarding your requirements
    • NEW: Food waivers
      • Crown Perth requires food waivers for any form of catering that will be present at the Trade Fair. This includes and is not limited to lollies/chocolate at your stand. This does not apply to prizes which will not be consumed within the exhibition area such as sealed bottles of wine/champagne. Please contact Nicole Pinel at 9362 8653 or via email for more information. 
    • What should I bring to the conference?
      • This is not a comprehensive list but this will make a good start to your trade fair toolbox
        1. Props/displays

        2. Information brochures

        3. Bowl of lollies/chocolates/samples

        4. Items for competitions: eg: lucky draw box, prizes, entry forms

        5. Velcro dots to attach things to your fascia board

        6. Stamps for the passport competition form

    • Can I conduct my own lucky draws/competitions at my stand?
      • Yes, in fact we encourage you to do so to draw more people to your booth. The more time that a delegate spends at your booth, the more opportunities to build rapport!
    • Can we have the winners of our competitions announced over the PA system?
      • We maintain the overall flow of the Trade Fair by ensuring that there are no disruptions during the exhibition. The only announcements that are made during this time are related to the passport competition.
    • Can we advertise who the winners of our competition are?
      • Yes. If you send through photographs of the winners after the conference, we can publish them on eLine for you at no charge.
    • Can I have additional representatives at the Trade Fair and Saturday exhibition? 
      • Yes, simply purchase extra exhibitor passes. They cost $92 on Friday and $165 on Saturday. Both passes include catering but do not include entry to the scientific sessions. You can do so on the eTouches exhibitor site when this is launched. 
    • Which is a better day for me to send extra trade representatives?
      • It depends on what your objectives are for exhibiting. You could compare it to the old “quantity vs quality” argument. Friday is perfect for creating brand awareness and gaining more exposure. This would be ideal if you have a new product or service to launch. Friday is often described as a mad rush and some exhibitors use this time to set up appointments to meet with conference delegates on Saturday. Saturday is more relaxed as delegates are usually in sessions and you will get the most traffic during the breaks. Saturday is great for establishing new relationships and maintaining your rapport with existing clients.
    • Where can I get more information about what to prepare for my trade booth?
      • Our exhibitor pack is under construction and will be emailed to exhibitors once complete. You will also find it linked here once available. 
    • Is a floorplan available?
    • Is admission to scientific sessions included in trade passes?
      • Admission to scientific sessions is only included on passes that are part of your trade package. Additional trade passes are heavily discounted for the purpose of exhibiting in the booth only.
    • When will the trade briefing be held?
      • The trade briefing will be held at AVA House on Tuesday, date to be confirmed, at 3.30pm.
    • When is the champagne welcome? 
      • The champagne welcome is open to exhibitors on Friday, 19 October at 4.00pm. RSVPs are essential.  
  • Mystery Gala Dinner

    • I’ve heard great things about the Mystery Gala Dinner – should I buy a ticket?
      • Definitely! The Mystery Gala Dinner is a great opportunity to relax and mingle with delegates in a fun, social setting. We always make it a point to seat trade exhibitors with delegates, trying our best to limit it to one company per table.
    • What is the theme for this year's Mystery Gala Dinner?
      • If we told you, we'd have to kill you. We've travelled back in time to a 1940's speakeasy and mingled with Oompa Loompas in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory... so there's no telling where we'll end up next! The mystery will be unravelled on 20 October
    • I have dietary requirements - is that a problem? 
      • Not at all! Just let us know by Friday, 5 October so that we can make the necessary arrangements with the venue. We won't chase you for this information, however, so if you have not notified us by then, we will assume that you don't have any dietary restrictions. 


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