Board of Directors 2014–2015

Dr Julia Nicholls

Julia has served as both Treasurer and Vice President during her four years on the Board. She has been South Australian Division president along with other roles on the division committee for 15 years. Past owner of an ASAVA Accredited Hospital, she is a part-time clinician and lecturer at the University of Adelaide veterinary school. Her particular areas of interest are small animal practice, welfare, ethics, education and research.




Vice President
ASAVA Nominee
Dr David Neck

David has served two years on the Board as the ASAVA nominee, and owns a successful small animal practice in Perth. He has been president of the Western Australian Division, and policy councillor for ASAVA.




Dr Sue Beetson

Sue has been Treasurer for the two years she has served on the Board. For 15 years she was the managing partner and senior clinical pathologist at Vetpath Laboratory and now runs an in-practice clinical pathology consultancy. Sue has been on the executive of the Western Australian Division and Equine Veterinarians Australia, serving as treasurer for both groups. Sue is also an Adjunct Associate Professor in Clinical Pathology at Murdoch University.



Dr Malcolm McLennan

Malcolm filled a casual vacancy on the AVA Board from 2002-2004. He is a past President of the Queensland Division, an invited member of division committee and also honorary historian for the division. Malcolm chaired the focus group charged with the introduction of AVA VetEd, now used by over 3000 AVA members. He has helped organise the education day component of the Annual Conference since 2003 and teaches casually in the veterinary science program at the University of Queensland..



EVA Nominee
Dr Christopher Reardon

Chris is a leading rural veterinarian, company director and owner of the Warwick Veterinary Clinic group on Queensland's Darling Downs of Queensland. He has served as a branch president, Secretary and President of Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA). Chris has represented the AVA on government reviews relating to equine influenza and Hendra virus.



ACV nominee
Dr Robert Bonanno

Rob has served as President and on the committee of Australian Cattle Veterinarians and is that group’s nominee to the Board. He has worked predominantly in dairy practice since graduation, and is currently one of the owners of Shepparton Veterinary Clinic in Victoria. Rob was appointed Adjunct Assistant Professor of Large Animal Clinical Science by University of Michigan Veterinary College, following a year-long internship. He has interests in dairy herd management, protocol development, dairy medicine and surgery.



Dr Robert Johnson

Robert is based in Sydney and is the current president of the Unusual Pets and Avian Veterinarians special interest group (UPAV). Robert's current interests include clinical practice, animal welfare, wildlife research, education, and mentoring. His strengths include an ability to listen and communicate clearly, to lead quietly but effectively and to promote our profession.




Professor James Gilkerson

James has served the Association as President of both the Victorian Division and Equine Veterinarians Australia. He is an internationally-recognised expert in equine infectious diseases and has published the results of his research in Australian and international journals. James is a Fellow of the AVA and was the recipient of the AVA President’s award in 2008.




Dr Ben Gardiner

Ben was President of the AVA for two years to 2014, and Treasurer for the preceding three years. He is filling a casual vacancy until May 2015. Ben is a mixed practitioner from Barraba in New South Wales, as well as having served as President of Australian Cattle Veterinarians.




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