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As we continue to deal with the spread of COVID-19 in the community, it’s important that you and your practice are prepared. Covid Safe Plans assist with this, outlining a number of measures that you may take to manage the risks.
Victorian essential workers in a veterinary team who are close contacts (meaning household or household-like contacts) may be exempt from quarantine requirements to attend work - so long as a number of conditions are met, and it is necessary for continuity of operations.
NT conference, ACV conference and Bain Fallon postponed due to COVID-19
An update on the AVA's efforts to increase Rapid Antigen Test access for veterinarians, as well as results from the survey on the impact of COVID on the veterinary workforce, and Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry update.
Watch this learning session with information on how to manage leave entitlements for COVID-19.
The Australian Veterinary Association is the newest signatory in support of the RCVS – AVMA joint statement to support mental health and wellbeing across the global veterinary community. 
Lead by vets, Reflect and Grow is a monthly online group program for vets (including new grads), nurses and practice managers. It uses reflective practice to assist you in identifying and improving the non-technical skills that help reduce occupational stress, and grow capabilities that support your clinical skills and knowledge. Sign up now for groups beginning in February.
An update about the AVA COVID Survey and what we are communicating to governments.
In late December 2021 the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA)  proposed amendments to the Poisons Standard, for discussion in March 2022. There are two amendments that are relevant to the veterinary profession: meloxicam and lidocaine.


11 Jan 2022
The Queensland Government has modified the requirement for critically essential workers. 

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