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The Northern Territory Division represents the AVA on issues relating to animal welfare and veterinary science in the Northern Territory.

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As veterinary practices operate, in the majority, as small businesses across Australia, the AVA is reaching out to the Small Business Commissioners and other relevant government departments to engage them in discussions around the challenges facing the veterinary profession as part of the small business sector.
Latest update on the NT Division.
A bit has been happening in the NT AVA space – the CDU Cert 2 in vet nursing is now taking enrolments – we are hoping this will be a start toward addressing the shortage.
Veterinarians are obliged to provide afterhours services (AHs) at their practices and often work solo or with very minimal staff number when delivering this service.
Charles Darwin University has recently confirmed that they are progressing with their Certificate II in Animal Care and is offering enrolments to employees that are currently working in the veterinary industry.

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