The Australian Veterinary Behaviour Group aims to improve animal welfare by increasing the understanding of animal behaviour and its significance in veterinary science.

Far from being a small niche of veterinary medicine, behavioural problems remain a leading cause of euthanasia in young pets and most consultations seen by a general practitioner have a behavioural component to them.

A greater understanding of behavioural medicine will lead to improved animal welfare and strengthening of the human-animal bond.


At a time when many veterinarians did not understand the importance of veterinary behavioural medicine, the Australian Veterinary Behaviour Group was created through the diligence and dedication of Dr Kersti Seksel and her few supporters.

The Group continues to grow and gain members as the wider veterinary community understands the importance of behaviour problems in pets and what they represent with regard to animal health and welfare.

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Understanding animal behaviour is essential to safely managing animals in your care, keeping staff and owners safe and most importantly, improving the lives of your patients.

Behavioural medicine covers the normal psychology of animals and abnormal psychology, recognised as behaviour problems. Joining the Australian Veterinary Behaviour Group gives you access to continuing professional development events such as webinars, conferences and a world leading journal to help you gain insight into this fascinating area of veterinary medicine.

As well you can access member forums and have contact with colleagues happy to talk behaviour and behavioural medicine.

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