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General information

  • Insurance for equine veterinarians
  • Management of rectal tears
  • Past fee survey
  • Bain Fallon Memorial Lecture proceedings

Research paper

  • Eye Examination as part of the equine prepurchase examination - A.G. Matthews
  • Yearling radiographs
  • Yearling radiographs
  • Yearling Sale Radiograph Samples - Dr Ian Fulton
  • The Addition of the Oblique Stifle View to Repository Radiographic Series - Dr Chris O'Sullivan
  • EVA Guidelines on Survey Radiography on Thoroughbred Yearlings
  • Forms and templates
  • Find a Vet Registration Form
  • Surgical Consent Form
  • Euthanasia Consent Form
  • Castration Consent Form
  • Consent to Treatment
  • Consent to AI
  • Equity® Indemnity Template

Resources for racing veterinarians

  • Veterinary certificate for the registration of racehorses with the Mayalan Racing Association
  • Veterinary criteria for permanent importation of racehorses into Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Jockey Club request form for blood analysis prior to export
  • Australian Rules of Racing relevant to veterinarians - updated 19 September 2016
  • Harness Racing Rules for Veterinarians - amended 20 November 2015
  • Welfare Guidelines for Horseracing - May 2000
  • A Guide for Official Veterinarians at Racetracks on Raceday
  • The Use of the Cornell Collar
  • EVA Discussion Paper - Raceday Fees for Veterinarians - 2004
  • Australian Rules of Racing
  • Vets' research a body blow to racing's image - April 2012Drug screening for bona-fide pre-purchase examinations
  • A guide for official veterinarians at racetracks on raceday
  • Australian rules of racing relevant to veterinarians

Drug detection and withholding periods

  • RIRDC - Detection times for Equine Medications - A Pocket Guide - November 2013
  • RIRDC - The pharmacokinetics of Equine Medications - Full Report - January 2012
  • Detection of Therapeutic Substances in Racing Horses - Non-Raceday Elective Testing Results
    Contaminated Stables and Drug Detection


  • Microchipping guidelines
  • Equine dentistry guidelines
  • Euthanasia of the horse
  • S4 supply guidelines (via each state veterinary board)
  • Code of Professional Conduct

For historical reference

  • Detection of Therapeutic Substances in Racing Horses (EVA Publication 1992 - EVA Whitebook)
  • Detection of Therapeutic Substances in Racing Horses (Addendum Nov 2001)
  • NEIWAG Review of the EVA White Book (2003)
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