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The Australian Pig Veterinarians Group focus on preventative medicine, and promote to members a holistic view of veterinary science, particularly in regards to pigs in their various environments.

Veterinarians that work with pigs make a very important and global contribution to society by ensuring adequate and safe food is available, while still maintaining the health and welfare of pigs. In addition, pig veterinarians are extending the scope and delivery of veterinary science by becoming involved in training programs for pig producers, quality assurance programs, and establishing and managing production systems and global disease prevention.

Pig veterinarians work in various types of private practice, government departments, universities, research institutions and a wide range of commercial companies that produce pigs, feed, products for pig production and pharmaceuticals.

Members of the Australian Pig Veterinarians Group receive exclusive access to news and information for pig veterinarians, reduced registration costs for the Australian Pig Veterinarians Group conferences and workshops in addition to access to conference proceedings.

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