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Veterinarians diagnose, treat and help prevent disease and injury in animals of all kinds, from family pets to livestock, horses and exotic animals - all for the health and welfare of animals.

Making a tax-deductible donation to the Australian Veterinary Association's trusts and foundations will help to facilitate the health and welfare of animals whilst also supporting the veterinary professionals who selflessly dedicate their lives to achieving better outcomes for animals.

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Funding research and education programs which make a positive and significant difference to animal welfare.

Funding research to help make the lives of our pets longer, more comfortable, and free of disease.

Helping veterinarians and their families affected by illness, accident, or otherwise having a tough time with practical support.

Promoting and providing improvements in public health for the control and treatment of zoonotic diseases.


About the AVA's trusts & foundations

Ensuring optimal health and welfare outcomes for animals and supporting the veterinarians who look after them.