PetFAST reporting


PetFAST is a system to track health problems in dogs and cats that are suspected of being associated with pet food, treats and pet meat. It is designed to identify possible patterns that might point to a cause.

PetFAST is a voluntary joint initiative of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA).

Only veterinarians in Australia can make a report to PetFAST. They report details of adverse events that they suspect are associated with pet food, treats or pet meat for dogs and cats.

AVA and PFIAA monitor PetFAST reports for similarities that may indicate a possible problem. If a problem that might affect more pets is identified, a joint committee will meet to discuss what action should be taken. We will not be contacting reporting veterinarians unless there is a need for further information.

The recall of pet food and treats during 2008 and 2009 highlighted the absence of a system in Australia to identify and investigate potential adverse pet food events. PetFAST is the voluntary response of the veterinary profession and the pet food industry to help protect the health of Australia’s dogs and cats.

In some countries, monitoring and acting on pet food adverse events is a government responsibility, but no structure currently exists within Australia’s system of government to investigate possible adverse events relating to pet food.

Reports are forwarded to the pet food manufacturer where possible, who may be in contact with the reporting veterinarians to investigate the matter further.

Only veterinarians can use this system. If you are a pet owner and suspect a problem with pet food or treats, you need to ask your vet to examine your pet and lodge a report if they too suspect an adverse event associated with pet food.

Lodge a report online

Only veterinarians can use this system, and you should refer to the checklist to ensure you have the necessary information before making a report.

Checklist for veterinarians

What you should do and the information you will need if you suspect a pet food associated adverse event.


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