Equality, diversity and inclusion


Ratification Date: 29 Sep 2017

Note: The following policies should be considered as a group; together they provide a set of principles which underpin the AVA’s wellness strategy: 

Great veterinary workplaces (2023); Safeguarding and improving the mental health of the veterinary team  (2021); Animal welfare and human wellbeing – vulnerability of clients and veterinary staff  (2023); Equality, diversity and inclusion  (2017); Employment of new veterinary graduates  (2023); Clinical veterinary internships (under review). 


The Australian Veterinary Association is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our profession. These qualities are integral to the AVA’s values of support for professionalism, knowledge, community, adaptability and respect.


The veterinary profession should be representative of the communities in which we live, work, and service. We should recognise and actively support diversity and inclusion in our membership, leadership, and organisation, and educate our members regarding the value of diversity and inclusion. Such a policy is essential in providing future leaders with a global veterinary perspective.

The AVA is committed to providing visible leadership and has an ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive culture, free from unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, vilification, or victimisation.

The commitment of the AVA embraces the value of members’ and clients’ varied backgrounds, including and not limited to race, ethnicity, physical and intellectual abilities, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, parental, marital or pregnancy status, religious or political beliefs, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, age, and other real or perceived differences.


The AVA will embrace equality and diversity in everything we do and promote a diverse culture which encourages inclusion and engagement for all. The AVA community should be representative of our diverse society, and promote inclusion rather than tolerance.

  • At all times individuals will be welcomed, valued, treated fairly and respectfully, and will not be subject to any form of unlawful discrimination, harassment, or victimisation.
  • AVA members, employees, stakeholders, and suppliers have an obligation to treat others fairly, respectfully, and with dignity.
  • The AVA will ensure that its policies, procedures, and working practices support equality and diversity principles and are free from any unlawful discrimination.
  • The AVA will treat any behaviour which breaches its equality and diversity policy seriously and will take active steps to address such incidences.

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  1. Australian Discrimination Laws
  2. AVMA policy on diversity and inclusion.
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